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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gorgeous wine cover made from Imported mexican thread

I Have pulled a complete all nighter! My dog had puppies on the 12th of this month and since she is a small dog and had 5 babies she didn't have enough milk to feed them, and two of the babies were a bit undernurished. So there we are rushing to Walmart at 12:00am so that we could get them some milk.

During this all nighter i made a very cute wine cover, but i don't know if it is copyrighted since i did it from one of the samples my mom had in our living room, and she did it from a sample that her friend had. So i can only show you pictures and hopefully you all can figure it from there, and if you find the pattern or find that it is not copyrighted i can alway try and right out the steps.
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