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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gorgeous wine cover made from Imported mexican thread

I Have pulled a complete all nighter! My dog had puppies on the 12th of this month and since she is a small dog and had 5 babies she didn't have enough milk to feed them, and two of the babies were a bit undernurished. So there we are rushing to Walmart at 12:00am so that we could get them some milk.

During this all nighter i made a very cute wine cover, but i don't know if it is copyrighted since i did it from one of the samples my mom had in our living room, and she did it from a sample that her friend had. So i can only show you pictures and hopefully you all can figure it from there, and if you find the pattern or find that it is not copyrighted i can alway try and right out the steps.
If you would like to purchase this wine cover feel free to visit my etsy shop

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

another easy circle scarf

so this circle scarf is a bit of a free form scarf. i actually didn't count how many chains i started with but i just made it to be 58''long and 5 inches wide.

Your choice of worsted weight yarn (#4)
Crochet hook size 5.5 I/9

with crochet hook chain as many chains until you reach desired length being careful not to twist the chain join it with a slip st to first ch.

(you will work in the back loops only)

Round 1-2: chain 1 sc in first stitch and every stitch across.

Round 3-4: Ch.3 double crochet in second stitch from hook and in every stitch across
continue to repeat rounds 1-4 until you have the disired witdth of your scarf. mine was 5.5 inches

If you would like to purchase feel free to visit my etsy shop thank you!


Friday, November 23, 2012

Easy Circle Scarf

Winter is coming right up at my sunny California home, and I'm really looking forward to cute crochet scarves. :)

Sadly havng to pay $180 per class at a community college level leaves my pockets kind of empty. this is one of the many occations where I wish I could qualify for financial aid.

Luckly, Joann's is having a huge blow out sale and i was able to buy some yarn, without breaking the bank. this is the from the sensations collection:
 Ok enough of th chit-chat it is time to teach you how to make this gorgeous circle scarf.


1.bulky weight yarn #5 or you can use #4 yarn but you have to double it.

2.Crochet Hook size L(8mm)


Start of by chaining 165. join with a slip stitch to form a ring
RND1: Ch.3, double crochet in the next ch. and all around, join with slip stitch to the ch3 . 165 dc.
RND2-9: repeat Rnd 1.

The trick to getting this scarf to look unique depends on the yarn you use. For example i used Sensation Rainbow Boulce in an ombre black color. Since it was a #4 yarn i doubled it to get it to look like this.
P.S i will soon be opening an etsy shop to sell all these projects so that i can pay for college, stay tunned if your interested, and may God bless you all, during the Holidays.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Instructions for hello kitty bag

A few days ago i posted a Hello Kitty bag i had made. today i am going to show you guys how easy it is to make it. i would like for you guys to send me pictures of your creations.

3.5mm hook
any worsted weight yarn of your choice for the cat, and a background color.(4)
hello kitty pattern (included)

single crochet(SC)


1.Start by chaining 55.

2.SC in second chain from hook and across. repeat for about 30 rows.(54)

3.Follow pattern from top of nose down. make sure to not include the nose so instead of yellow it will be white.
4.After you finish the bottom half continue to SC until the "fabric" is at same size as the hello kitty front part. the fabric should measure about 24 inches if you are making this bag 14 inches in length.
5. do 5 more rows of SC in your base color, after that follow pattern from top down until you finish at the nose. (when you arrive at the nose chain 8 and continue with the pattern)
1. chain 13 or more depending on the thickness that you want.
2. SC across until you reach the desired length of the strap.
with a needle and yarn from the base color stitch the strap to one side and then the other side. Make sure to align the bag and straps.
You can crochet a button or use a yellow button for the nose. Attach it by crocheting.
Also you can use the fabric to line the bag so that it won't stretch much.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hello Kitty Inspired Bag

So how many of you enjoy crafting? who doesn't right?
Well last year I challenged myself to learn how to crochet, and I'm glad to say it was a success. Sadly I failed at knitting but I blame it on being left handed.

Anyways I love hello kitty and one of my friends requested I make a hello kitty bag for one of her customers, so i decided to give it a try. At first i tried using many complicated techniques but in the end I found a great graph pattern online, and I was set for my project. What do you think?